The Company
The Company
Leader Unknown
Headquarters Unknown
Staff Contact Tahoma

The Company, also referred to by its cover name Primatech, is a clandestine organization that has an interest in locating and tracking evolved humans. The original purpose of the Company was to prevent the existence of evolved humans from becoming public knowledge and to make sure the past was never repeated.


The Company was founded in 1977 by a group of twelve individuals. It uses cover companies (e.g. Primatech Paper Co), to conceal their illicit operations, or provided support or resources for whatever reason. The standard operating protocol involves Company agents to locate and track evolved humans, letting some go but keeping the ones they deem dangerous locked away, or even killing those who are deemed too great a risk.

The Company has two main tracking systems. One division marks people with special abilities with an isotope which can be later used by a satellite to track and find them (though this satellite has now been destroyed). In certain cases, this division also trains those individuals to assist the Company. The second "system" was a girl named Molly Walker who has an innate ability to find people, but she has now left the Company.



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