Leader Command
Headquarters Unknown
Staff Contact Louwala-Clough

Manticore is a clandestine organization that is geared to help the Evolved not only gain their own freedom, but enforce that freedom through militaristic actions. They would be deemed a terrorist organizations, if they were publicly known. Currently they are in a cold war state with the Company, and are considered by that organization a high threat. Most Evolved, who are involved with other Evolved know of Manticore, if only in name. Those who support it, do so secretly. Those who openly support it end up missing. They recruit any Evolved willing to join the cause.


The exact origins of Manticore are somewhat of a mystery. The Company only became aware of them in the early 1980s, by accident, however they seemed very well established giving credence to the fact they are far older. The organizational structure of Manticore is more like a black-op. Each cell only communicates with Command and is generally ignorant of the other cells around them. Command is the absolute leader and there are no denying the effectiveness of this person.


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