As of this writing, the world is completely unaware of the existence of Evolved Humans. Many Evolved Humans likely hold the belief that they are the only ones who can do what they do, and they are alone.

Thankfully, in a city like Seattle, there are methods for Evolved Humans to meet, depending on the avenues explored. Examples of this include community meetings advertised on electrical poles and Craigslist, or perhaps another Evolved human saw a display that was meant for no eyes to see.

There's always that question of what will happen when the world finds out? looming within the air, especially these days, with more and more Evolved Humans manifesting their abilities. The efforts of The Company, as well as a few select government organizations in the know, have kept the Evolved out of the spotlight — but how long can they really keep that up?

More info on abilities can be found in the Power Index.

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