+news Actors

At Emerald City Heroes, we encourage players to take on a "Played By" actor (PB) for their characters, just as one would see a character played in a TV show like Heroes. This helps give others a good mental image of your character. This is entirely optional, but we do encourage you to find someone you like the look of for your character.

Acceptable PBs include actors, musicians, models and anyone in the realm of public media. Unacceptable PBs are your friends or family, or yourself, for reasons of privacy and internet safety.

Unless certain criteria are met, we do not under any circumstances recycle PBs; if a character using said PB has been in very few to no scenes, and has been idle for longer than 60 days, then you may make a request to staff that said PB is allowed to be used.

To find out if an actor has been taken, check the Taken Actors page; we try to keep it updated as frequently as possible, and encourage players to update it when possible, as well.

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