+news Alts

Making tons and tons of characters can be great fun for all. However, it can also lead to the death of a game when inactivity and overpopulation can become an issue. Therefore, we at Emerald City Heroes have a limit of Four PCs. Only two of these four can be Evolved characters, the other two must be non-Evolved.

In the very rare occasion that we have an FC opening, the FC will not count toward your alt limit, as these are an entirely different ballpark and are much more closely monitored by staff.

In addition, we have a waiting period between each application: If you are applying for your second character, you must wait two weeks after approval of your first character; for a third and fourth alt (or if you are swapping out one alt for another), you must wait four weeks after approval. This wait time is in place so that players do not become overwhelmed too quickly and have a chance to acclimate themselves to their new characters, as well as to ensure that staff is not overburdened with character applications, while also ensuring that all applications are well thought out.

Please ask staff if you have any further questions.

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