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Staff Member Main Job Secondary Job(s)
Tahoma Headwiz Everything Else (for now)
Louwala-Clough Code General Hatefulness


Tahoma is currently the headwizard of Emerald City Heroes, as well as running most operations. Always happy to help new players out, feel free to contact Tahoma with any questions you may have when she is on-duty.

Tahoma's NPCs

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Tahoma's Availability

Tahoma is on PST, and can generally be found online between the hours of 9am and midnight on most days; generally, it is more difficult to find her online on weekends. This is subject to change in the future.


Louwala-Clough is the amazing, wonderful Coder for Emerald City Heroes, and is to be revered. Bring any coding-based questions to him, and above all, DO NOT MESS WITH THE CODE.

Louwala-Clough's NPCs

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Louwala-Clough's Availability

To be updated later…

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